Diamond Pattern Tile Table Top Design

Diamond Pattern Tile Table Top Design: For Sale

Handcut unique design by Mark Funk of Ailgif Tile. Made from up-cycled and repurposed materials.

This table came via goodwill, and is tiled with ceramic via the rebuild-it store on Mississippi ave here in PDX.. As is visible, only the three prominent center brownish tiles are not cut. You cannot tell from this angle, but the gray tiles are all embossed in a diamond plate pattern that makes them unique

3 Dimensional Garden Table

Handcrafted 3 dimensional garden table by Ailgif Creations/Mark Funk.
This table used to be part of a sewing kit which I repurposed and laid with polished river rock. To complete the garden theme of this item, I inserted a square flower pot through a cutout on the upper level.
Design by Mark Funk
Photograph by Mary Anne Funk
Photo © 2015 Ailgif Creations

Drum Table

Drum Table: For Sale
If you are interested in the Drum Table table design, please contact Mark at 971- 3 zero 3 -945zero for more information or to see the table in person

This is the finished table as it looks in daylight The grout is a sahara tan color which complements the metallic copper in the tiles.


Mounted to the base of the drum are LED lights that are energy efficient and cool to the tough, yet quite bright. Because the tiles, the table top, and the adhesive are all translucent, the light shines through the table quite nicely.



This table started off as a drum and a sheet of round tempered glass from ReClaim It In North Portland. I then bought recycled glass tiles for the top and adhered them to the glass piece by piece. The center is a circle I cut from a square piece of mosaic and then secured.


Upcycled handcrafted tile table – Backgammon Design

Upcycled handcrafted tile table – Backgammon Design
Location – North Portland
For Sale

Perfect for a game table or accent piece.
Materials Used:
– Salvaged window with the orignial hardware still attached.
– Used base that was saved from going to the dumps, purchased at ReClaim It.
– Tiles purchased new.

All of the tile pieces were handcut. The backgammon board pattern peieces were each cut five times to acquire the correct shape and size needed.

If you are interested in this table, please contact mark at ailgifcreations dot com or through a message on Facebook at Ailgif Creations

Design by Mark Funk
Photo by Mary Anne Funk
© 2015 Ailgif Creations